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Fort Warder Events


The Fort Warders Reenactment group launched in December 2011 at the annual Hillsborough Old Guard Christmas Party along with the launch of the book Hillsborough Fort and its Warders . 
On this historic occasion the call from Lord Downshires Bugler was met with the Falling-in of the Fort Warders for the first time in over sixty years. 

Church Institution

Three Fort Warders joined the Bugler at the Institution of the Revd Ferran Glenfield at Hillsborough Parish Church on 3rd May 2012.

Arch Opening
The Fort Warders took part in the ceremony to open the new   Hillsborough   District
No 19 Arch on  the 1st  June 2012.   The   Arch     was officially  opened   by Grand Master Edward Stevenson.

21 Gun Salute
The Fort Warders  took  part in   the   21  Gun  Salute   to celebrate Queen  Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.They were first   inspected   by     Lord Downshire  before taking up their  post  of  old, guarding the  gates   in  front  of  the castle.    The   VIP     guests including   Lord   Downshire, Secretary   of   State  Owen Paterson  and  First Minister
Peter     Robinson       were escorted    by     the     Fort Warders to Hillsborough Fort
where they once again stood
guard  during  the   21    Gun Salute.