Fort Warders

Hillsborough Fort was built by Peter Hill in the 1630s on the site of an early rath of the Magennes Clan and was remodelled and strengthened by his brother Arthur, who was appointed by Charles II Heredity Constable of the Fort of Hillsborough on 20th December 1660 with command of twenty Warders . The Warders or "Castlemen" were paid to protect the Fort which commanded a very strategic position on the road from Carrickfergus to Dublin.The Fort was further improved by the 1st Marquis of Downshire in the mid 18th century. By the end of the nineteenth century, with the Warders role being mainly ceremonial, the Government no longer wished to pay for  maintaining  them and an arrangement was made to retain only the Bugler when the remaining Warders passed on. Their uniform, it is said hadn't changed since 1688, They were clothed in blue tunics, turned up with red and trimmed with white lace, white breeches and leggings with a large cocked hat and a red feathered plume. Their arms consisted of a musket, bayonet & sword.
The last of the original remaining Warders died in 1954 with only the Bugler now remaining for ceremonial duties. 

Current Bugler.

A Picture of  William John Green  

   The Last Original Fort Warder

Hillsborogh Fort

Old Fort Warders.

Two .Pictures of Buglers Past.