Beloved Of My Heart


The first aim of the Society was to produce a book to encompass a way of life that was fast disappearing.  Hillsborough has a unique history, and a reflection on the people, events, and memories of life in the days of long ago makes a fascinating story.  Our aim was to document this before it disappeared for ever.  The contribution made by local people has been outstanding.  They have gone out of their way to supply information, reminiscences and photographs, and gave us every encouragement. Four years have culminated in the production of this book, which provides an insight into the history of Hillsborough and, more importantly, village life. 

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 Hillsborough Fort and its Warders

The Hillsborough Old Guard have produced a small booklet in conjunction with the launch of the Reenactment group of the Fort Warders. The Book contains the history of Hillsborough Fort and the men charged with guarding it.

As It Was  


 Before the formation of The Hillsborough Old Guard, four current members were instrumental in producing a book which gave an insight into 20th century life in the Culcavey/Long Kesh area. The title of the book was "As It Was". A few copies are still available, price £7.00+p&p. If you would like a copy Please Contact Us 


Future Projects


Book to record those who lost their lives or served in the two World Wars and in other areas of conflict from the Hillsborough and surrounding Districts. Anyone with any information , photographs or artifacts which may be relevant to our research for this book Please

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