'Lest We Forget' Exhibition now open with restricted hours

Saturdays 1pm to 4pm.

Sundays 2pm to 4pm.

About Us

The Hillsborough Old Guard (Hillsborough's Local History, Cultural & Arts Society) was formed in 2005 by a group of local people whose aim was to preserve, promote and document the rich local history of the area. The Constitution drawn up in that year clearly outlines these objectives, viz.

“In cherishing Hillsborough's unique history and character, the objectives of the Society

·to carry out research into Hillsborough’s local history

·to publish the results of such research, if appropriate

·to undertake such projects as may reflect and/or promote the character and/or history of Hillsborough

·to support such events, activities etc. as reflect and/or promote the character and/or history of Hillsborough.”

'Lest We Forget' Exhibition

Our Exhibition which opened in 2014 tells the story of those served and those who also paid the ultimate sacrifice during World War 1 from Hillsborough and its surrounding districts. We are open on Saturdays 1pm to 4pm and Sunday 2pm to 4pm and can open at other times by appointment.

Vickers Machine Gun


Hillsborough as it is today grew around its fort built in 1630 by Peter Hill and finished by his brother Arthur. It was not until the mid 18th century that Hillsborough as we know it today was constructed with its streets of Georgian houses under the guidance of Wills Hill who would become the first Marquis of Downshire. Like many villages throughout Northern Ireland, Hillsborough is rapidly growing in both size and population, and the old structure of the village is protected as a conservation area..

Church of St Malachy with War Memorial in foreground.

The Old Fort

Hillsborough Castle

Hillsborough Courthouse

Main Street